Marcel Bresink (Freeware)

TemperatureMonitor is an application that allows users to see available temperature sensors in Macintosh computers released between August 2002 and June 2012. The temperature values can be displayed in Fahrenheit, Kelvin, or Celsius. Output can be displayed in a customizable horizontal or vertical window, as a desktop background, or animated display. The menu bar can be made to display output of one, two, or up to eight selectable current readings. Refresh intervals can be set between 1 second to 1 hour, depending on the user’s need. It can keep history of temperature readings in the form of graphs in a time interval between twelve minutes and one week.

The output of current readings can also be made into speech output and the user can customize alarm triggers for each sensor. In case the user would like to perform additional analysis apart from the history graph presented on the application, the results can be exported as text files or csv files.

Other key features of the program are the following:

• The application comes with a special command-line tool that allows reading using scripts or the program’s Terminal.
• The software can display hardware details like serial numbers or manufacturing data.
• It can display system management data on Intel-based systems.
• It can display information for all attached drivers.
• It has an add-on application called Hardware Monitor Remote, which allows it to monitor remote computers in a TCP network