VirtueSolutions (Shareware)

TempCleaner is an application designed specifically to remove leftover file fragments from a computer system. There are certain kinds of software that do not clean up after themselves after using the system drive as a temporary location of installations. There are also program installers that leave traces that accumulate eventually leading to the bloating of a system drive. The user is presented with a set of cleaning options, which may be customized based on the current needs of the system.

TempCleaner is an effective cleaning solution that completes the task efficiently. With one click of the “Clean” button, the program is launched and starts sweeping off unwanted elements from the Application Data directory and the “Temp” folder. The program works without supervision and guidance and the user need not possess any knowledge about computer programming. It is capable of complex cleansing jobs and the resulting outcome is a system that runs more efficiently after it has been rid of unnecessary files clogging the hard drive.

TempCleaner by VirtueSolutions is a powerful and flexible tool that is capable of cleaning all the drives being used. It detects and removes items from the recent files list, browser history, Windows update uninstall files, Windows temp folders, and effectively deletes cookies and temporary Internet files. The program also removes all the contents of the Recycle Bin.