Temp File Cleaner

Addpcs Llc (Freeware)

Temp File Cleaner is a program that consists of several tools that removes junk files from the computer. The program does this to create more free space in the system. The program comes with a simple user-interface that makes it easy to use for beginners and advanced users. Upon launching the program, users can see a summary of the drives including the size used and the remaining size free.

There are buttons at the top portion of the window. Clicking the bomb icon displays the number of temporary files for different areas of the computer including the system and web browsers that are installed (Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, etc.). The program can automatically remove all the temporary files with the default settings of the program. However, users can also do the process manually by selecting the items that can be removed. Temp File Cleaner is capable of removing items from the recycle bin, cache, Windows logs, and many others.

More of the program’s features are as follows:

• Users have access to a list of all the deleted files
• Support for selecting individual locations to scan
• Support for scanning all the accounts in the computer
• Simple and easy to use for anyone