Teleport VLX

Tennyson Maxwell Information Systems, Inc. (Proprietary)

Teleport VLX is a GUI webspider developed by Tennyson Maxwell Information Systems, Inc. and released on January 2014. The program enables users to access and download data simultaneously from multiple websites and servers. It has the capability to scan up to 40 million URLs in one project order. The program features an improved throughput result due to its capability to handle multiple servers in one project. It also has enhanced capabilities as a webspider. Not just site crawling, the program features filtering, exploration, and rewriting capabilities. It also supports HTTPS site crawling.

Teleport VLX features enhanced webspider capabilities. The program specifies excluded and included crawl areas using regular expressions. The program also enables users to specify domain aliases to find and crawl multiple-alias servers. It can also borrow the internet browser’s cookie cache. This allows the program to execute complex authentication processes with the browser. The program also automatically injects custom HTTP headers into every server request.  Teleport VLX enables users to make a synchronized offline copy. Automatically, the orphan and old files are also removed.  The program injects meta tags with retrieval time stamps and date stamps. It also injects the meta tags with the original URL. Another feature is that it allows users to control the HTML markup. Finally, Teleport VLX allows users to send custom messages when the program is rewriting links to files that are yet to be retrieved.