Teleport Pro Scheduler 1.69

Tennyson Maxwell (Shareware)

Teleport Pro Scheduler is a multi-purpose offline browser developed by Tennyson Maxwell Information Systems. It enables users to get data from an entire website and browse it without accessing the Internet. It is a high-speed tool that has the ability to launch as many as ten retrieval threads at the same time. It also allows the user to access websites with password protection, filter files according to size and type, and search for keywords among others. The browser supports HTML5, DHTML, and CSS3 code, which makes it possible for users to retrieve all the files on these types of websites. It also features automatic dial-up connecting, map exploration on the server side, project scheduling, relinking, and Java applet support. Apart from the aforementioned features, Teleport Pro Scheduler can also do the following:

• Create a mirror of a website along with all its files and subdirectory structure
• Explore websites linked to a main website
• List down all files and pages on a website
• Provide full firewall and proxy server support
• Download certain parts of a website to a computer

With Teleport Pro Scheduler, users can pause or stop a retrieval process at any time. Moreover, the program’s Update function allows users to check for newer versions of the target file.