Telecom JoinME

ZTE Corporation (Freeware)

Telecom JoinME is an application developed by ZTE Corporation. This comes in a CD that is included in the package of certain Telecom phones, such as Telecom R6, Telecom R90, and Telecom R100. This CD must be installed in the computer first before using. Take note that the phone must not be connected on the PC during the installation of the program.

Once the tool is successfully installed in the computer, users can connect their Telecom phones to start making transfers or managing files from their mobile device to the computer and vice versa. Users can add, import, copy, delete, and edit contact names from the PhoneBook of the phone using their PCs. They can also manage text messages, such as sending and deleting, on the computer.

Telecom JoinME enables users to connect the Internet connectivity of their computer with the use of the Telecom phone as the modem. This provides instant Internet connection at home and anywhere without the use of a Local Internet provider.

Furthermore, this tool allows users to restore or backup their phone’s data. This is possible when the phone is upgraded or replaced with another model.

The data used for transfer and/or management with Telecom JoinME are:
• Video files
• Audio files (music)
• Image files or photos