TeeWorlds 0.6.2

Magnus Auvinen (Open Source)

TeeWorlds is a classic online 2D shooting platform game developed in 2012.  Between the arcade and the modern day first-person shooter game types, this game is considered a crossover. The interface features cartoon-themed graphics and familiar control keys for shooting, jumping, and other movements; Keys A and D control left and right movements respectively while the spacebar controls the jump.  To change weapons, the number keys 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on are activated. Some of the weapons to choose from include a hammer, a pistol, a shotgun, a laser, and a grenade-launcher. The multiplayer option can accommodate up to 16 players depending on the game type selected.

There are three multiplayer game types, namely:

• Deathmatch – wherein a certain score needs to be reached within a set time.
• Team Deathmatch – where two teams fight against each other for a higher score.
• Capture the Flag – where the team that captures the enemy’s flag first wins.

Another feature of TeeWorlds is allowing players to design or build their own map via the built-in map editor. Map landscape themes users can choose from include cave, desert, grass, jungle, and winter.  Players can also personalize the skin of the characters, provided these skins have the same name. Lastly, this game can take screenshots or even do recordings of demos which can be viewed while in the game.