TechTracker Application 2.1

CBS Interactive (Freeware)

TechTracker Application is a program used in helping users to be equipped with the latest updates or versions of their computer programs.  The application first ascertains the type of programs that are available in one’s computer, after which it alerts users whenever it detects updates for their installed programs.  Reports are presented as to what programs are updated and which are not. It also advises the user if a certain update should be paid for, or if it is free. It also allows programs installed in one’s computer to be compared to its other versions that are contained in the CNET website.  For every program that is not updated, a download link is provided by the application.  Through the download link, which is a link located in the CNET website, a user may download updates for their computer programs.

A large number of user customization is made available using the program.  For example a user can configure the application to update automatically, schedule scans, automatically scan one’s computer system, or run in conjunction at Windows startup.  Users can also specify download files location, download bandwidth limit, and number of allowable multiple downloads. Signing up for a CNET account is required to be able to use this application.