Techno eJay 4 6

Yelsi AG (Freeware)

Techno eJay 4 is a program that enables users to play like a real DJ. It provides users with a minimum of 5 virtual instruments and more than 5,000 sound effects for free from its sample loop player. Aside from these, here are the other features that enable users to produce their own music:

• Beats from a drum machine
• Effects such as echoes and other techno sounds
• Mixers that can arrange and compose tracks
• Bass generators

Through Techno eJay 4, users can tweak music and audio files by adding drum beats and other sound effects. Sounds and beats can be mixed, dragged to another portion of an audio track, or looped and layered according to the user’s preference. Beginners can experiment with importing sample files from the hard drive and dragging these to the desired track.

The samples will be temporarily stored under the “My Sound Sample Palette” field. Users can later grad these onto the “A” track. From here, users can combine melodies, bass effects, and beats as preferred. Users are also given access to more than 2,000 3D sounds and videos they can incorporate into their projects. Once a project is done, it can be shared online through media-hosting sites such as MySpace and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.