Guy Thiebaut (Freeware)

Teboscreen is a screen capture application that enables users to select which part of the screen they would like to capture and save. This eliminates the need to do post-processing (cropping) on the screencaps. Users may choose to capture the whole screen (the traditional output) or select a particular area. This application provides users with a selection area that may be resized and dragged to any part of the screen, enabling users to capture a specific area easily and quickly.

The traditional way of screen capturing is done via the “Capture Screen” command. When this is selected, users can write the filename and choose the file type and destination folder of the resulting image before the application captures the whole of the screen. When only a particular part of the screen is needed, users can choose the “Capture Area” option. Users can then hold down the left mouse button to draw the selection area rectangle over the part they want to capture.

Once drawn, the size of the rectangle can be adjusted and the selection area can be moved around the screen. When satisfied, users can double-click the left mouse button to select the filename and type before saving the image. Users can also include the cursor in the screen capture by pressing the ‘S’ key as they capture the screen.