Tears to Tiara

Leaf (Proprietary)

Tears to Tiara is a role-playing video game developed by the company, Leaf, and was first released in April of 2005. The game’s plot is heavily influenced by various mythologies including Celt, Roman, and Welsh. It also features a fantasy-themed setting, which takes place in the Late Antiquity. In the story, the Holy Empire is in chaos because of the abduction of the Gaelic priestess, Rhiannon. The culprit is the Empire’s rogue priest named Drwc, who used the priestess as a sacrifice to the Demon King Arawn in order to bring him back to life. The people of Gael show their protest against his actions by burning their village and vowing to recover Rhiannnon and avenge her kidnapping. However, even though the Gael people attack Drwc in the middle of the sacrifice ritual, the demon king is awakened.

The tables turn when King Arawn kills Drwc and rescues Rhiannon instead. The people of Gael are pacified as Arawn promises them that he does not have any plans of causing destruction to their tribe and the Holy Empire. Arawn and Rhiannon decide to marry, making them the leaders of the Gael tribe. The player has to follow the exodus of the Gael tribe to the nearby island of Inner Britannica in the hopes of gaining freedom.