TeamViewer Manager 7

TeamViewer GmbH (Shareware)

TeamViewer Manager 7 is a business database application that is able to store the user’s partner details in a database. The data can then be shared over the user’s network with other partners or supporters. This enables users to coordinate with other project team members, even those located in other offices. With this application, inaccurate invoicing can be avoided because currencies, hourly rates, and other information can be recorded precisely. The program can calculate all of the user’s connection to prevent invoicing errors.

The features of this application include the following:

• Categorization of customers or partners into different groups
• Displays a list of all the connections and their session length, with the exact starting and ending times
• Calculation of connection data automatically for invoicing purposes
• Establishment of direct connections to partners and team members
• Exportation and printing of connection data

Users will be able to view all of the team members participating in a certain project as they connect to the program. Another notable feature is its support for Voice over IP and conference calls. TeamViewer Manager 7 enables users to share their computer screens with the other members of the team, allowing them to make presentations and demonstrations. A shareable File Box is also included to enable members to share documents and other files with other team members.