TeamViewer 15.35.7 (64-bit)

TeamViewer GmbH (Freeware)

TeamViewer is software that is specialized for remote administration and web conference. TeamViewer allows you to access your computers remotely via the Internet. If you are using your computer from home or anywhere else, TeamViewer helps you get your job done. This application has 24/7 access to unattended computers and servers. With this, you can save your important contacts, even if the person on the other end is not available.

TeamViewer also has a file transfer feature, which enables users to copy files and folders to and from your remote computer. For convenience, you can also use its drag and drop feature, where you only need to select and hold the file or files that you need to copy, and then drop them to your desired designation. This application can also be used for managing and sharing your connections. You can save your customer information using a database so you can share the details to your colleagues.

TeamViewer is also useful for team presentations. It allows up to 25 participants during online meetings. You can schedule meetings, invite your business partners, or even your clients who are on the go. You can also conduct training sessions online by using TeamViewer. Users may also collaborate by teams and access documents in real time. This application has different selections of communication tools, such as chat, teleconference, screenshots, and whiteboard.