TeamViewer 6

TeamViewer GmbH (Shareware)

TeamViewer 6 is a communications tool that enables users to easily create remote VPN or Virtual Private Network connections between computers. A VPN connection allows users to take control of another computer from their own computer. Using this tool, users can also hold virtual meetings with other users in their network. This application must be installed in the computers of the members of a team. Users can also use this tool to access their home computers from their office, and vice-versa. In addition to remote control, this program may also be used for project collaboration, desktop sharing, and file transferring. To link two computers together, users simply need to key in the partner ID (generated by the application) into the other computer to establish connection.

This application may be used by IT managers in providing support to multiple computers in a company. For example, when an employee has trouble with a particular program, the IT manager can simply access that employee’s unit from his or her computer and assist in solving the problem. It can also be used by teams whose members are located in different parts of the world in showing each other the progress of a project. TeamViewer 6 automatically re-establishes VPN connections after a reboot or update, so users do not need to reconnect manually.