TeamSpeak Extra

bureX (Freeware)

TeamSpeak Extra is a communications program designed to expand on the functionality of the application TeamSpeak2. TeamSpeak is a voice-over Internet protocol or VoIP program that enables computer users to converse with other users on a chat channel via Internet connection. A client program is utilized to connect to a server of the user’s choice, and from here users can join channels to confer with others. This VoIP program is commonly used by gamers who use it to communicate with other players on their team when playing a multiplayer game. Through this, players can talk to other members by voice so that they can keep their hands on the controls while playing.

TeamSpeak Extra is designed for those who use TeamSpeak on a regular basis for either work or play, but want to keep the program minimized in the computer’s system tray. This tool minimizes TeamSpeak to the tray while keeping it fully functional, allowing users to use their computer screen for other applications. It is able to log the user’s chat and activity on TeamSpeak and simply displays popup notifications for events, such as messages. Users can also choose to play specific sound notifications for particular events, such as public or private messages. A small notification box displays the current speakers in the user’s channel.