TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.5.6 (64-bit)

TeamSpeak Systems GmbH (Freeware)

TeamSpeak 3 Client is a VoIP application developed by TeamSpeak Systems. A VoIP program, or Voice over Internet Protocol, refers to communication technologies used in delivering voice communications over the Internet. The program provides a way for people to talk on chat channels with other people by connecting to a TeamSpeak server. This program is mainly used by gamers.

The TeamSpeak 3 Client program features different voice communication options such as new codecs, advanced noise reduction, automatic microphone adjustments and echo cancellation. The program also has low voice latency, allowing users to be heard as soon as the words are spoken. Connecting to multiple servers at once is possible with the TeamSpeak 3 Client application. This program has support for different audio outputs and devices. Connecting to different servers using different audio outputs/devices is also possible.

The TeamSpeak 3 Client program features 3D sound support. This feature enables spatial displacement of audio streams and sound effects. It creates a sound source illusion that comes from different 3D locations. This VoIP application also offers permissions system, which allows administrators to control and manage group permissions. The permissions system also offers different tools to help the administrator manage and build social networks within the TeamSpeak server.

The TeamSpeak 3 Client program features Friends/Foes list, which can be used to track people from the list. This feature can also customize a nickname for people on the user’s list. Another feature of this program is File Transfer. This program enables uploading and downloading of files to a common folder tree or on a per-channel system. The program can also be customized. The User Interface can be personalized using stylesheets, as well as include add-ons or writer modifications. Sounds can be customized as well.