TDSL Personal Edition 1.1

Duncan Amplification (Freeware)

TDSL Personal Edition 1.1 is an application that provides users with comprehensive information on vacuum tubes. TDSL stands for Tube Data Sheet Locator. This application makes it possible for users to compare the different kinds of vacuum tubes and make substitutes for those that are difficult to find. Vacuum tubes are used in a variety of devices; this application is particularly developed for use by amp modifiers and technicians, as well as electronics students and hobbyists. This utility is designed with a Windows-style interface that makes it familiar and easy to use. This application’s database contains information on more than 9,500 types of vacuum tubes online.

TDSL Personal Edition 1.1 comes with additional features, including the following:

• Tabbed interface – information about ratings, pinout, short data, links to websites, and substitutes are presented in tabs
• Advanced search –users can define their searches by entering more criteria, making a Parametric search by specifying the pinout or maximum rating, or by looking for tubes by Designator.
• Database information window – this is opened when users access the Info option found in the File context menu. The information provided includes the pinout percentage, the short and URL figures, the number of tube tupes, and the number of pinout types.
• Filter panel – all of the vacuum tubes that meet the user’s search criteria will be displayed here.