TCX Converter

DDAAXX (Freeware)

TCX Converter is a versatile tool that may be used in the conversion of GPS and mapping data. This is a program that takes into account the incompatibility that exists between files. As such, it is capable of converting a wide array of file types. TCX Converter can load the following types of files: PLT, TRK, KML, FITLOG, and GPX. These files are then exported to GPX, HRM, FIT, TRK, and TCX, among others.

TCX Converter is a utility that is also designed to update altitude data when there is an Internet connection available. This program may also be used to truncate tracks at any given point and manage waypoints with just a few clicks of the mouse. TCX Converter is essentially a complete GPS data management solution.

One of the highlights of TCX Converter is its ability to import information directly from a Garmin GPS device. This is done two ways—first by GPSBabel plugin and secondly, by Garmin Communicator plugin. TCX Converter is also capable of loading GPX tack files and loading them as one large course.

Despite its multiple functions, TCX Converter has an easy to use interface that stands out for its high level of organization. Its design and layout reflect the attention to detail that the creators have dedicated while putting TCX Converter together.