TCP Monitor Plus 2.0

OGA (Freeware)

TCP Monitor Plus is a Windows network monitoring tool developed by OGA. The program is capable of monitoring the IP connections as well as the amount of Internet traffic. It can also be used to monitor connection sessions.

TCP Monitor Plus works as a traffic-monitoring tool. It shows the Internet and LAN’s connection speeds as well as the amount of traffic received by the network. The program features a mini-monitor tool as well, which shows the communication speed on a different window. Other Internet traffic information offered by the program includes adapter information, capture time, total amount received, average receive rate, graph scale, received average, and others.

Aside from the traffic-monitoring function, the program also offers a communication log file output function. This feature generates communication log files at regular intervals. The log file is editable. Users can also check the size of the log file. Location of the log files can also be changed. It also provides information about the session log, monitoring logs and traffic logs. TCP Monitor Plus also features a surveillance monitor. It offers configuration options for this function. WHOIS features are also available in the program. Other features/functions offered by the program include Packet Filters, PING/TRACERT, and Disconnect Session function.