TClock Light 040702-3

Kazubon (Freeware)

TClock Light is a small application that enables users to customize the Windows clock located on the system tray of the taskbar. This program contains features that enable users to configure the different attributes of the computer’s time and date display. Users can choose between 12H (military time) or AM/PM time display formats, change the year display to full or two digits, display the days of the week, and hours, minutes, and seconds. Aside from the basic time and date options, TClock Light allows users to change the color schemes and font styles of the Windows clock. Users can choose a font style, font size, font effects, and background color of the time and date display. Another feature allows users to set the size and position of the Windows clock. With this feature, users can choose to fit the clock into the system tray or display it in a separate window in the desktop. In addition to these, TClock Light has an alarm feature that plays an audio file on the time set by the user. Users can also select the audio file to play as an alarm.

TClock Light features a simple interface that has two main control areas. The first one is the main options menu displayed as a collapsible tree directory on the left side of the window. This section contains configuration options such as Clock, Alarm, Mouse, Tooltip, Taskbar, and Miscellaneous. Under the clock menu, users can find configuration options for Color and Font, Size and Position, and Format. The Alarm menu contains the Alarm options and Cuckoo clock options, while the Mouse menu has the Click and Drop options. The Taskbar menu allows users to configure the settings for the Start button, Start menu, and the Taskbar itself. The next control area contains checkboxes and drop down lists for configuring the different clock settings.