TCActive! 2012

MooSoft Development LLC (Shareware)

TCActive! 2012 is an application which protects the computer from malicious software attacks like Trojans, Spyware and Adware. Malicious software or malware is a general term used to describe any software which can disrupt a computer operation, seek personal information and gain access to sensitive systems. A malware can be used to get any information which the hacker thinks is relevant such as credit card information and passwords. The hackers can then use the information to steal money from the users without their knowledge. A malware can also be used to control a computer-run missile from a remote location.  These are some of the negative impacts of malicious software which this application is trying to address.

TCActive! 2012 protects the users by preventing information loss. In case the computer device already has the malware before this application is installed, then the application can be used to disable the malware and retrieve the information which was lost. It works with the computer’s anti-virus and firewall, as well as a combination of other technical analysis checks to identify and destroy intrusive software. With a single click, the application can run an update while simultaneously scanning and repairing the computer unit. The checks can also be scheduled to run on predefined timings or intervals.