TBS Cover Editor 2.5 (Shareware)

TBS Cover Editor is an application used for creating covers and labels for products. It is also used for making banners and covers for websites and presentations. The program supports 3D projects, cover designs, and worksheets. It makes use of a single-sheet concept that allows users to edit and view all sides of a 3D object in just one screen. With the 3D preview feature, users can immediately see what the project will look like after printing. The application comes with several tools for easy project creation including shapes, text, vector objects, and labels.

TBS Cover Editor comes with a wizard that teaches new users how to use the tools in the program. Its main window is divided into different sections. The center of the window is used for editing the project. All the settings for the tools can be seen on the left hand side of the window, while the right hand side provides more options for tweaking the different elements used for the project. More tools can be found at the upper portion of the window.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Support for high quality rendering of projects
• Support for layers
• Built-in collection of tools
• Built-in template library
• Special layer effects