TaxMachine 2012


TaxMachine is a program developed for efficient operations of providers of accounting services intended for small taxpayers. It allows users to run tax entries including tax, revenue, and expense ledgers with minimal work. It has a user-friendly interface, patterned after Windows Explorer, giving users a head start on the program’s navigation.  Any amount of data may be processed since the program does not have any restriction or limit regarding data quantity. No additional charge is rendered for an additional employee or entry. It is built with an automatic update mechanism so users can be sure they are always using the most updated version of the program. Since accounting services are multifunctional work, this application offers a multi-user interface allowing multiple users to work simultaneously and even remotely.

TaxMachine automatically creates accounting entries based on accounting principles governing VAT and other tax classifications and automatically calculates withholding tax. Based on the amount computed, the program is able to prepare the necessary forms and documentations including payroll, contracts, and account entries. It also has the capability to create documents like tax forms for revenue and customs, sales document and storage, receipts, bank transfers, document storage, wage and labor documents, and other accounting documents (e.g., records of fixed assets, etc).