Taxi 3 eXtreme Rush

Team6 game studios (Proprietary)

Taxi 3 eXtreme Rush is a racing game that was released in 2005 that puts players in control of exotic sports cars. In the story of the game, the player’s taxi has been stolen and in order to earn it back, the players must win various races in the underground racing scene. Players can choose from one of ten customizable exotic sports cars, ranging from Japanese street racers to American muscle cars. They must race against competitors while evading the police. The cop cars are equipped with lots of heavy weapons, so players must take great care.

The game offers players a number of game modes, one of which is the story mode, in which the entire range of gameplay modes is included. The best feature of the story mode is that it provides players with the ability to play in cooperation mode, which enables players to team up with a friend over the Internet. Up to four players can go on cooperation mode. The game lets players choose between Urban Street and Street Drag Racing. There are 25 race routes that take players through the city of London.

The game screen of Taxi 3 eXtreme Rush shows players the number of laps, playing time, game standing, and the speed at which their car is moving.