TaxCalc 2011

Acorah Software Products (Proprietary)

TaxCalc 2011 is a software used for calculating taxes. Its professional features are designed to connect the UK taxpayer and the HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs) forms. This is because the application greatly simplifies completing the self-assessment tax return. The software not only helps in accomplishing tax forms, but also in enabling the taxpayer effectively manage his tax affairs. Making their way through the program, the user is bound to calculate his liabilities or rebates. TaxCalc’s special technique for entering taxpayer information, called SimpleStep, aids the user as to what data he needs to input to finish the self-assessment tax return. Once it is complete, the user can opt to file it online before the due date (January 31, 2012). The user can also choose to input the data directly onto HMRC “identical forms.” Or, he can simply print the form and send it.

In particular, the SimpleStep function makes filling up the tax return seem like child’s play to the user because it takes the latter through a data entry path that does not involve unrelated input screens. It does not request the user to supply unnecessary data, either. Another feature, called Check and Finish, serves to make sure that entries are well-validated before generating final accounts or returns. In addition, the feature alarms the user to particular areas that need checking or will hinder compliant filing. All these steps are useful for making sure that completing the tax return is done correctly as well as efficiently.