Sinewave Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. (Shareware)

TaxbaseLAN is a utility developed by Sinewave Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. It is an income tax utility, which offers comprehensive tax computation functions for the use of professional tax consultants and chartered/licensed accountants.

TaxbaseLAN is a complete tax-based digital solution that contains calculations for TDS Computation, TDS Certificate preparation Wealth Tax, and Income Tax. It offers users with computational facilities for Billing Management, Advance Tax Register, and AIR modules. In addition, Office Management & Post filing management and Audit Forms Management functions are included as well.

One of the highlights of the program is the Advance Tax Planner feature that offers a means of providing timely reminders to key personnel through SMS or email. The program also contains tools that is meant for use in managing financial statements and financial reports. The utility is designed to generate trading account statements, profit and losses, and balance sheets. With the billing management functions, users can generate invoices and bills and print receipts and payment forms.

TaxbaseLAN is an effective automated income tax management tool that can be used in the office so that personnel can focus on the core functions of the business. With the help of this program, income tax return preparation becomes a smooth-sailing process that produces accurate results.