Tasty Planet

Dingo Games (Proprietary)

Tasty Planet is a free online game developed by Dingo Games. The game involves a grey blob that can roam the game screen to eat everything that comes wandering in. It starts of as a very small blob of grey. The grey organism targets smaller things to eat. The player has to take care not to get near the bigger organisms as some of them can eat the blob in turn. The initial targets are small specks of dirt that litter the screen. The player has to control the grey blob to capture and eat the brown specks so as to increase in size. Some bacteria also crawl across the screen. However, the grey blob will not be able to eat the bacteria yet unless it has gained in size.

Tasty Planet is a simple game that allows users to control an organism on screen using the arrow keys. The grey blob was supposed to be created by two scientists as a bathroom cleaner. Its main targets are dirt and specks. However, accidentally, one of the scientists touched the blob and it entered the bloodstream. While inside the body, the blob eats the red blood cells. When it becomes bigger, it targets the green organisms. However, the player has to avoid the much bigger white blood cells as these can kill the grey blob. Once killed, the game ends. Tasty Planet features 8 levels with varying degrees of difficulty and different organisms to eat.