Taskbar Repair Tool Plus! 1.1.1

Kellys Korner (Shareware)

Taskbar Repair Tool Plus! is a system utility developed by Kellys Korner. It is specifically designed to allow users to customize and fix certain issues in the Windows XP’s notification area, taskbar, and launch.

Taskbar Repair Tool Plus! is a straightforward program. Its interface is a small dialog box showing three drop-down menus. Each menu correspond to Taskbar Problems, Notification Areas, and Quick Launch Bar. To use the program, users have to specify what problem to fix. The program displays a brief overview of the Windows issue. To fix the problem, users only have to click on the Repair button located below each of the issue’s descriptions.

The program offers repairs for 37 common Windows XP problems. In the Taskbar Problems menu, users can fix different issues in the Windows’ taskbar including missing taskbar, stuck in classic view, lock taskbar greyed out, lock size and position of the taskbar, disabled taskbar context menus, and more. In the Notification Area menu, the program can fix common issues such as hide/show all listed icons, remove past items, hide/show all inactive icons, remove the notification area, remove the selective icons, and more. As for the Quick Launch menu, users can use this application to fix problems such as the can’t create toolbar error message, restore show desktop icon, remove the quick launch area, and others.