Task Catcher Monitor

BillP Studios (Shareware)

Task Catcher Monitor is an application that enables users to monitor the programs that are currently running in the computer. The program’s main window has five tabs where users can change settings and options for the application’s behavior. These tabs are:

• Active Tasks – This tab displays all the processes that are currently running on the computer. Users can see the name of the process, as well as the time and date when it was first detected on the computer. Users can also view more information about the process by double clicking its name.
• Services – Under the services tab, users can view all the services that are running.
• Watch List – The watch list displays a list of the programs running and alerts the user if any of them has stopped working. Users can view the program name, process, status, types, and the last run time.
• Black List – Programs that are placed under the black list are those that will immediately be stopped by the application if it detects that it is running.
• Options – Users can change the different settings of the application under this tab.

Task Catcher Monitor is handy application that makes sure important processes are running in the computer.