Task Catcher 1.4

BillP Studios (Shareware)

Task Catcher is a system utilities program designed to keep track of the programs that are currently running on the computer. It displays which programs are critical to run at all times. It also displays which programs which are always run can be stopped. It can monitor if there are unwanted programs such as spyware that are currently running on the background. When the program was able to find out all the programs that run at all times, it monitors them. It makes sure these programs are updated. It also makes sure that these programs do not crash. If they do, the application restarts them immediately.

While Task Catcher can find the important programs running on the computer, it can also let the user select what programs should be running at all times. When the program does not see it running, it restarts it immediately. Users can also specify which programs should not be running on the computer. It allows the creation of a black list. In this list, the user can specify the unwanted programs that should not run. When these unwanted programs run, they are immediately turned off by this application.

A program can also be put on the black list even if it is not an unwanted application.