Tarrasch 2.02

Triple Happy Ltd. (Freeware)

Tarrasch is a chess-based workbench, an application that enables users to not only play chess, but to do a number of other chess game-related activities as well, such as position analysis and documentation. This program comes with built-in chess engines that, like the program, are free. In detail, this chess program enables users to do the following:

• Play chess. Players will have a chess engine as the opponent. Players can choose which color they would like to play and whether they would like to have a time handicap or not.
• Analyze chess positions. Players can set up a random position for a piece and make the chess engine analyze it. Users can view the analysis and play through it.
• Create documents. Aside from the creation of standard chess documents, this application also provides users with tools for editing the created files. Users can view a document and click anywhere in the text to edit the comments. Variations may be edited (promoted or demoted), and comments may be turned into moves. The saved files have the .pgn extension.

The interface of Tarrasch is clear and simple. At the top portion is the main menu, as well as buttons for moving pieces and undoing moves. The central part of the screen is divided into two—the left side is where the chess board is displayed, and the right side shows the positions and the analyses and comments for each move. The game log may be seen at the bottom of the screen.