Tarr Chronicles

Akella, Quazar Studio (Shareware)

Tarr Chronicles by Akella, Quazar Studio is a simulation game set in space, released first Europe and then in North America in 2007. Players of this game are faced with a dire situation that they must overcome by using their wit and strategic maneuvering. The player is lost in space deep behind enemy lines. This arcade-style computer game puts the player in the uniform of an elite pilot and behind a powerful craft in order to defend the galaxy from enemies.

Tarr Chronicles provides more than enough challenges to players. The formidable aliens are difficult to defeat and battles can be as easily lost as they are won. The developers of this game provide players with high-tech fighters with powerful weapons systems. Fans of the genre can revel at the immense attention to detail in the design and technical specifications of the fighters. The player has dozens of fighters to choose from.

The main objective of players of Tarr Chronicles is to defeat the alien menace, a strong but cruel race called the De’Khete. The space battles against vast enemy fleets can be won by the player with the help of skilled squad mates. The game is designed so that each squad member has a distinct personality, which adds a personal element to the flow of the game.