Tarma® InstallMate 7.6.4

Tarma Software Research Pty Ltd (Shareware)

InstallMate is an application that allows users to create installers for Windows. The program offers plenty of customization options for installation actions and dialog boxes. The program has an intuitive interface and users do not need to provide scripts in order to change the behavior of installers. Development of the installer is divided into different sections for easy work flow. There are also help files and toolbars for each section.

InstallMate compresses projects and the distribution packages are small. This saves disk space and makes it quicker for users to download the installer. One of the features of the program is the dialog editor. This tool enables users to remove dialogs, edit dialogs, or add dialogs to the existing text in the installation wizard window. In addition, the text can be changed to a local language (messages, shortcuts, folder names, etc.). InstallMate provides different package options including compressed .exe files, plain file tree, loader + archive, and loader + download.

Other main features of the InstallMate application include the following:
• Supports a wide range of installation items
• Support for Windows mobile installer
• Editable action sequences
• Extension DLLs
• Flexible symbolic expressions

The software complies with the latest requirements for Microsoft Windows Logo installation.