TapinRadio 1.0

Raimersoft (Freeware)

TapinRadio is an online radio application developed by Raimersoft. This program enables users to listen to and play online radio stations. It offers a collection of radio stations and recording tools that users can access. Aside from playing radio broadcasts, the program can also be used to record broadcasts and create customized databases of radio stations. This online radio player can be installed either as a standalone program or a portable program.

The program also provides online updates support for the latest radio stations available. Aside from this, it also offers an advanced search utility that enables users to find a specific radio station. There is also the Favorite menu, which can be used for storing radio stations and may be accessed easily later on. TapinRadio supports web-based common radio formats such as AAC+, MP3, WMA, and OGG.

TapinRadio has a function for recording contents automatically, as well as splitting songs. The program’s interface offers the settings screen that provides configuration options for the program. The application also offers a function for recording an entire song. Available options include station sharing,  an equalizer, and a clipboard tool. Users can also group favorites and search results.

Other features offered by TapinRadio include:

• Ability to mute the volume via a tray click
• Keyboard shortcuts
• Sleep shutdown feature
• Alarm scheduler and mono output