TapeCalc 2

Ziff Davis Media, Inc. (Freeware)

Since the inception of Windows 3.1, the Microsoft Calculator has been an integral part of the system accessories menu. This simple calculator has changed over the course of the many versions of Microsoft Windows. Although no major differences may be spotted at first glance, there have been many things added under the hood of the default Windows calculator. The extremely important, yet oft overlooked calculator has so many powerful functions under its sleeve such as taking the hyperbolic sine of pi and other scientific calculations.

There has been one feature, however, that is often overlooked and not integrated into many digital calculators. Old-fashioned desktop calculators have had this feature for decades. What is it? The simple, yet incredibly important ability to print out a log of all the calculations made on the calculator. Tape Calc 2 gives the user the “old fashioned” ability to print out calculations onto a virtual tape roll of paper. The text on the tape roll can be edited at any time. This means that calculations on the “printout” that have errors can be just as if the user is editing a simple line of text. Another handy feature that the program gives the user is the quick and easy conversion of units of measure. Shifting between values of the metric system and the Imperial system will be quick and easy. Tape Calc 2 gives the user all the advanced calculation of an on-computer calculator while adding the age old feature of being able to print out calculations.