Tank VS Worms

Falco Software Inc. (Freeware)

Tank VS Worms is an arcade game developed by the company, Falco Software Inc. It has simple objective – to capture as many photons as possible in each level. The player controls a tank that travels around a forest like setting and collects yellow pills called “photons” while evading or shooting at plump worms. The player must manage his/her rocket vault, as it is limited, although there are missile power-ups that can be collected around the forest. Apart from photons, players can also collect hearts of varying force and endurance. Bigger photons appear occasionally and take a little longer to absorb, but are worth more points.  

As the player advances to higher levels, the degree of difficulty increases as well. This entails more worms to eliminate and the addition of other enemies. The player must avoid the worms at all costs because the slightest contact with one of them will end the game. When this happens, the player will have to start over from the very beginning. To enhance the gaming experience, Tank VS Worms features a simple but detailed backdrop design, an endless supply of enemy worms, and an upbeat game soundtrack courtesy of the German rock band Mad Mav.