Tanida Quiz Builder 2.0

Tanida (Shareware)

Tanida Quiz Builder is a program that allows users to make quizzes in Flash format. The created quizzes may be published online, sent as Word documents, or shared and distributed as executable files. It enables users to make quizzes with different ways to answer questions, such as Fill-in-the-blank, True or False, Click Map, and Multiple Choice. Though the generated quizzes are in Flash format, the application does not require knowledge in Flash or programming skills. It has a user-friendly interface and comes with instructions on creating quizzes easily.

Users can customize how their quizzes look by modifying labels, arranging the test’s layout, adding sound effects, and inserting images. Quiz creators can also assign varying points for specific questions, shuffle answers, and limit the number of incorrect answers to a question before showing the correct answer. Users can also add a feedback option so quiz-takers can comment on the quiz.

After creating a quiz, users can specify how the the results of the quiz will be reported back to them. This can be done in the Publish menu. In addition, users can specify what happens when a quiz-taker completes the quiz. For example, an email can be automatically sent to the quiz-maker and to the test-taker. When this is done, users can already export the created quiz in SWF (Flash) format, as a standalone application in EXE format, or as a Word document. The quiz may then be uploaded to a site or sent through email for sharing and distribution.