Tamara the 13th

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Tamara the 13th is a hidden object puzzle game. In this game, Tamara has just found out that she is no ordinary girl; she actually descends from a long line of witches. As a 13th generation enchantress, she has magical powers that she can use for to battle evil. When Tamara’s mother is forcibly taken, she sets out to rescue her mom but in doing so, she gets thrown into a strange world that has been shattered by an evil witch. To restore order to the realms and save her mother, Tamara must master the magical powers she was born with. Players must help Tamara find her mother and confront the evil witch by solving puzzles in each of the game’s levels.

There are seven realms in the game world and five magical powers to discover. Players must be able to locate hundreds of tools and objects in more than 20 locations and solve the puzzles to progress through the game. Magical stones can also be collected throughout the game.

Before players can use their magic, they have to click on the magic menu located at the bottom left side of the screen and recharge their mana. At the bottom of the screen is the inventory that shows players the items they need to look for in silhouette. When found, the item will fill out the silhouette. Players can click on the inventory items to use these in solving puzzles.