TalkShoe Live!

Talkshoe (Shareware)

TalkShoe Live! is a podcasting and Internet radio site that allows users to participate in community calls or talk radio shows online. Once the show is over, the community call or “call” can be downloaded as a podcast. It can then move forward to syndication. TalkShoe Live! topics have a wide range of coverage. The name, “TalkShoe” is derived from Ed Sullivan’s pronunciation of the word “show.”

TalkShoe Live! allows for free Internet broadcast or over the telephone audio broadcast. The user can also host an event over the phone using this application. TalkShoe Live! Utilizes a conference call bridge with a Java chat client to make all these possible.

TalkShoe users only need to register at the website. A screen name is required and a 10-digit PIN must be produced as well. Privacy of users is protected with built-in security features. Dialed-in users are represented by their screen names. The host schedules a session for the call and sends notification to the registered guests. Callers can connect using telephone or chat client. Those who do not register can still listen to shows using the web client.

The TalkShoe User Support Team is available to answer questions from users on how they can optimize their TalkShoe Live! utility.