TalkBack Application

Google, Inc. (Proprietary)

TalkBack Application is an accessibility program developed by Google in December 2013. The program is is a mobile application designed for use by vision-impaired and blind users. Through this program, users can interact with their mobile and handheld devices with ease. In turn, the program utilizes spoken feedback, as well as audible and vibration responses. The program comes pre-installed in some compatible devices under the Accessibility menu. However, as a default, Accessibility is not turned on.

TalkBack Application is an accessibility service. It is not a standalone application with its own graphical user interface. Instead, the program works together with the installed applications in the mobile or handheld device. These devices include tablets, phones, and smartphones with touch-sensitive screens. When installed and activated, the application sends feedback to the information at the tip of the user’s fingers.  The program enables users to read menu items in the device interface, caller ID information, and messages. The program can recognize multiple languages other than English, including Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.  The program likewise responds to dictation of commands or text input.

TalkBack Application comes preinstalled in Android devices. The program may be activated through the Settings > Accessibility > TalkBack. The program works with Explore by Touch feature and other Accessibility programs.  The program also supports external controllers like trackball, keyboard, and D-pad.