Talismania Deluxe

PopCap (Shareware)

Talismania Deluxe is a puzzle action game that was first released in 2006. The game is about Midas, a king who finds that each thing he gets in contact with turns to gold, including his own daughter. The player must help King Midas break his curse of the golden touch. The player assumes the role of the king, who must collect golden coins by beating puzzles. The golden coins collected must be used for good deeds in order to break the curse.

The player is given different places to rebuild including a temple, a cottage, an argon, and many others. The golden coins collected in each level are used to pay the builders who repair the different structures. The game grid consists of several talismans that must be connected together. This can be done by rotating talismans until a connection is made. The longer the connection path created, the more golden coins the player collects. The game comes with a tutorial that shows the player the ropes of the game. The tutorial can be turned off too.

Talismania Deluxe has two game modes – Story Mode and Hero Mode. In Story Mode, the player gets to complete a puzzle without having to worry about the time. In Hero Mode, the player must complete the puzzle before the time runs out.