Tales of the Sword Coast

BioWare Corp. (Proprietary)

Baldur’s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast is a fantasy-themed computer role-playing game created by BioWare Corporation and published by Black Isle Studios. It is the expansion pack of the original game, and features new locations and quests. One of these locations is a town called Ulgoth’s Beard, the Durlag Tower ruins, and the Isle of Ice. In addition, players can explore new islands, but they must also avoid traps and survive dangerous environments in the process. In order to progress quickly in the game, the party must have a Master Thief. Some of the adversaries that the players will face include warriors, sorcerers, and other thief.

The first quest takes place in Ulgoth’s Beard, in which a mage named Shandalar teleports the players’ characters to Ice Island against their wishes. They are ordered to look for Shandalar’s coat all over the island and bring it back to him. There are other prisoners on the island, and the player must also fight them in order to survive and leave the island. Other characters including Mendas, the werewolf Loup Garou, anda dwarf named Hurgan Stoneblade also get to interact with the members of the party before they go against a demon called Aec’ Letec in the final stage.