Tales of Fantasy

Lingo Soft (Proprietary)

Tales of Fantasy (TOF) is a 3D computer game that involves the vanquishing of beasts and conquering of worlds. The game is centered on faction wars. The game play is exciting and filled with adventure, and the storyline is very engaging. Because of the advanced 3D technology used, the game is one of the most visually impressive games in the fantasy genre today. This free MMORPG is published by IGG and developed by Lingo Soft.

Tales of Fantasy involves a lot of opportunities to engage in battles and provides gamers with realistic war experiences. Players of the game are made to choose to side with one of two fictitious nations. These two nations—Bohren and Ashland are always in conflict with each other. Boren is a civilization that is very similar to real-world Eastern cultures, while Ashland is a community in the West with tribal leanings. The wars are fought over cultural and religious arguments

Tales of Fantasy features a mounted combat system and a wide array of mounts as well. These mounts are meant to be ridden by players while they perform their attack maneuvers. TOF also features a Horse Racing system that players can use if they want to engage other players in a real-time horse racing contest.