Taksi Desktop Video Recorder 0.7.6

Anton Jouline (Freeware)

Taksi Desktop Video Recorder is a tool used for recording graphics programs that are in 3D. This is useful for recording 3D videos and games on the desktop. It supports OpenGL, DirectX, and GDI, and the output format for the recorded video is saved in the AVI video file format. There is no limit to the length of video that can be recorded. The program has a small user interface that consists of the task buttons for recording. There is also a Settings window where users can choose from different options including the video’s frame rate, format, compressions, and other attributes.

Taksi Desktop Video Recorder allows users to record videos using hot keys. This eliminates the need to use the mouse when starting, stopping, or pausing the recorder. Aside from recording videos, the program is also capable of taking screenshots of the desktop. The program can be used to create tutorials, presentations, and demonstrations. Other features of the Taksi Desktop Video Recorder are as follows:

• Capable of displaying live statistics while recording activities on the desktop
• Creates smooth and fast videos for high-quality recordings
• Wide variety of settings that is ideal for advanced users
• Simple and easy to use for everyone