Take On Helicopters

Bohemia Interactive (Shareware)

Take On Helicopters is a game wherein players can drive and operate helicopters. With a Mission Editor feature, players can pick from an assortment of preset challenges and create their own missions. Two expansive and realistic environments include South Asian and North American terrain. The game includes single-player sandbox campaigns as well as multi-player gameplay.  The game provides players with realistic helicopter ride experiences both on ground and in the air.

The game’s characters are Harry Larkin’s sons, named Tom and Joe. Their father’s aviation business called Larkin Aviation, is only a few days from closing down.  Together, Tom and Joe must find a way to save the aviation company Harry spent building his whole life. Competitors and contracts must be taken on. Helicopters in the game are of heavy, medium and light cockpits and airframes, which have all been modeled in realistic detail. Detailed weather simulation, flight training, and time trials are also found in the game. Resource and damage management is also imperative in gameplay and includes accurate electrics and fuel simulation. Throughout the game, players must avoid hitting trees and a myriad of other structures. Missions include formation flying in an air show for veterans above Bremerton, SWAT operations assisting on Columbia Tower’s roof, and Puget Sound whale filming.