Take No Prisoners

Raven Software Inc/Red Orb Entertainment (Proprietary)

Take no Prisoners is an action 3D shooter computer game developed by the company Raven Software. The plot revolves around Slade, a mercenary working for Martech industries with the power to decide whether the world should be destroyed or saved. Set in post-apocalyptic San Antonio, Texas, the game involves fighting and general chaos caused by conflict between the city’s human inhabitants and mutants. Slade’s mission is to reach the center of the city to obtain a crystal that is kept in the Dome. The city consists of seven sectors, each of which is governed by different parties that are all against Slade. There are 18 levels, which the player can complete by traveling the sectors.

At the beginning of the game, Slade is equipped with just two weapons: a shotgun and saber. As the game progresses, Slade can acquire more weapons by defeating enemies. One of the most useful items is a PDA, which is used to store all kinds of information. The Single Player mode features 30 levels, while the Multiplayer mode features assassin, arsenal, capture the flag, and deathmatch battle modes. The game has a playing perspective that allows players to view the action from an overhead camera. Slade gets to face 22 enemies using 21 types of weapons, and three vehicles.