Taikodom Launcher

Hoplon Infotainment (Shareware)

Taikodom: Living Universe is a multiple online adventure game developed by Hoplon Infotainment from Brazil. The objective for players is to participate in commerce, combats, and mining activities across the galaxy. The game’s action is set in real-time. Players enter a virtual environment and interact with other players who are logged on to the game simultaneously. There are no rules on how to level up in the game. The mix of missions and sum total of other activities that a player participates in while in the game contribute to the game’s unpredictability and excitement. Even after a player logs out from the game, life still goes on in the game’s universe.

Set in the 23rd century, where the Consortium engages in battle against the Renegades. Players have to choose which of the two factions they are going to join: take up the cause of the Renegades or fight for the ideals that big space corporations hold dear. Basically the game is all about space combat, but it also incorporates PvP (player versus player) and PvE (player versus environment) combat. The game also features a highly developed character progression system. Initially, a player starts out by taking on the role of a pilot who fights other pilots.