Tag&Rename 3.9.7

Softpointer Inc (Shareware)

Tag&Rename is an application for editing music file tags. The application is capable of downloading all popular audio file formats including mp3, MusePack, wma, wmv, ogg, asf, etc. The application has full Unicode support, which allows users to view characters from different languages. With the program, users can edit the lyrics, cover art, album artist, names of songs, and the genre.

The application is easy to use. All the controls for tasks can be found on the main window. The upper part of the main window consists of three tabs – Rename Files, Multi File Tag Editor, and Get Tags from File Name. The lower part of the window is dedicated to the music library where users can see all the tags for the songs including the name of the song, artist, album, title, year, genre, bitrate, etc. Tag&Rename allows users to change the tags for different files all at the same time. The program also comes with a tag synchronization wizard for synchronizing ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags.

Tag&Rename comes with an export wizard that enables users to export all the music information to different formats including csv, html, xml, and tab delimited text. The program has a drag and drop feature and it can also be added to the Windows shell extension.