Stra Software (Proprietary)

Tacview is a Universal Flight Analysis Tool developed by Stra Software. The program enables users to record and analyze flight data. It is an ACMI or an Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation. The program is useful in analyzing and studying air combat trainings and air combat simulations. The program is useful for pilots who would like to improve their combat and flight skills.

Tacview provides support for several flight simulation programs like DCS World, Black Shark, Lock-On, Falcon 4.0, and Digital Fighters, among others.  To utilize the program, users should launch the program and choose the corresponding flight type to analyze. After which, users may close the program and launch the flight simulator instead. Tacview will record every flight mission undertaken after doing so. This is made possible using the Tacview Logger. The logger records the aircraft position, as well as flight path and other associated events. When done, the users may close the flight simulator and relaunch Tacview. Users may retrieve the flight records from the Tacview folder inside My Documents.

Tacview offers 3 view modes—3D View, normal view, and Free camera. Game controls involve both mouse and keyboard commands. Users may download demo versions of different compatible flight simulators from the Tacview homepage. These include the Black Shark Mini Demo, Demo Falcon, Demo Ironhand, and Demo An.Petrovich Su-27.