DAKO GmbH, Jena (Shareware)

TachoView is an application that displays data coming from a digital tachograph. It shows the data in graph or tabular form. The software functions to receive speed and distance data. It also records the driver’s activity, including traffic rule violations. The law required all relevant vehicles manufactured since May 2006 to be fitted with the digital tacograph system. It became compulsory for drivers to accurately record their driving activities, retain such records, and retrieve them upon demand by transport authorities.

A digital tacograph system comprises in a sender unit, a tacograph head, and a digital driver card. The sender unit is fitted to the car’s gearbox. Electronic pulses are generated from the sender unit each time the drive shaft turns. The tacograph head reads the pulses as speed data. Digital tacograph heads are actually driver cards that contain microchips with flash memory. Data are stored in digital driver cards as .ddd files that are ready to be imported into software for tachograph analysis.

TachoView performs other functions, including:

• Displays detailed information on the driver’s daily and monthly activities, such as driving, operating time, sleep, and standby
• Shows violations using color highlighting
• Has a memory manager that acts as a system service for automatically opening the boot and recalling overdue downloads
• Graphically represents velocity profiles and peaks during the 24-hour drive
• Exports data from driver cards and tacograph data in the form of CSV (Comma-separated Values) and text files